Covid Free

Health & Safety Protocol

The 2nd Mediterranean Chefs Competition will follow faithfully the health and safety protocol for the operation of the trade fairs according to the Joint Ministerial Decision 77146 /11.12.2021, Government Gazette 5816/11.12.2021.

Entrance to the stadium will be exclusively permitted only to those who show a) vaccination certificate b) disease certificate issued only after laboratory test by PCR method for coronavirus COVID-19, within thirty (30) days after the first positive test and its validity lasts up to ninety (90) days after that subject to the following two paragraphs. Specifically, disease certificates issued from 13.6.2021 to 31.10.2021 either after laboratory testing by PCR or after testing using rapid coronavirus antigen detection COVID-19 (rapid test) remain valid in accordance with applicable until the publication of this. The validity of the disease certificates issued from 1.11.2021 to 4.12.2021 either after laboratory testing by PCR method or after testing using rapid coronavirus antigen detection COVID-19 (rapid test) lasts ninety (90) days. The first positive test is performed by a) a public authority in accordance with the relevant legislation or b) reference laboratories in public or private and includes the name of the person, as indicated on the identity card or passport. If a repeat laboratory test is performed by the PCR method after ninety (90) days plus one (1) day and is positive, no disease certificate is issued, however, in compliance with the required public health protection measures.

Fully vaccinated are considered:

a) those who have completed at least fourteen (14) days of vaccination for COVID-19 coronavirus and demonstrate a vaccination certificate with simultaneous identification of the holder; and

b) those who have completed at least fourteen (14) days before vaccination for coronavirus COVID-19 with one (1) dose of vaccine due to coronavirus COVID-19 and demonstrate a certificate of complete coverage – recovery and vaccination with simultaneous control.

Especially for those who have reached the age of sixty and a period of at least seven (7) months has elapsed from the administration of the second dose or, in the case of single-dose vaccines, from the administration of the single dose, fully vaccinated are considered those who have received the 3rd dose.

For non-vaccinated workers: laboratory test by PCR for COVID-19 coronavirus must have been performed by oral or nasopharyngeal smear within the last seventy-two (72) hours and rapid antihypertensive COV -19 (rapid test) must have been performed within forty eight (48) hours of the occurrence of any event for which proof is required. Their certificate: a) must have been issued by a reference laboratory in public or private and b) must include the name of the person as it appears on the identity card or passport. The coronavirus self-test (COVID-19) is performed up to twenty-four (24) hours before the performance of any activity and is confirmed either on the online platform, or on the special edupass platform. of the joint decision 124068 / ΓΔ / 4 / 1.10.2021 of the Ministers of Education and Religions, Health and State (Β ‘4558).

Mandatory use of face masks for all visitors during the visit.

All social distancing instruction apply indoors. For meetings all rules that apply in tourism and catering services, apply here also.

Social distancing at least 1,5 meters apart.

Αdequate fresh air ventilation.

Αntiseptic and decontamination spots.

People-counting system.

Complete system of cleaning and disinfection of the installation and equipment.

Information posters, banners, roll-ups and screens displaying audiovisual messages with health and safety measures.

Regular audible message announcements for the observance of hygiene and safety measures in Greek and English.

*GreenPass is considered either the National SARS-COV-2 Vaccination/Recovery Record Certificate or the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

Entrance to visitors is permitted only after presenting the vaccination or recovery certificate (Green Pass)